Advanced Nutrition Programme by iiaa.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supplements journey starts in the Skin Health Research Centre at the International Institute for Anti-Ageing.

We research, trial and test beyond expectations to synergise supplement solutions for you and your skin.

Every capsule delivers cutting-edge results, working with a sustainable mindset to protect our planet.

Experts at the Skin Health Research Centre develop evidenced based supplements supported by science and built on results.

 We make our products to pharmaceutical standards in the UK at certified facilities using fully traceable, ethically sourced ingredients.

 We exceed industry standards by conducting over 400 tests on our products, screening for contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals.

 We are an environmentally conscious brand. Our innovative packaging is made from recycled card and printed with eco-friendly vegetable inks.


A curated collection of our bestselling supplements to slot into your traditional skincare regime.

Skin Omegas+
Skin Omegas+ supports overall skin health and hydration. 

Skin Accumax™
Award winning skin supplement for problem skin.

Skin Collagen
Advanced skin collagen formation to Activate your skin's collagen for younger-looking skin.

Skin Biome™
Balanced inside and out: skin-friendly bacteria for complexion imperfections

NEW Skin Vit C
The Vitamin C supplement powered by three - vitamin C, zinc and acerola berry

Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is proud to be recognised by prestigious publications and leading industry experts. Our award-winning range of skin supplements is available on-line and via a network of skin professionals.


"By offering Advanced Nutrition Programme™ products, our patients have more options for proactively caring for their skin as well as focusing on specific conditions such as dry skin...the real bonus is that our patients not only have healthier skin, but they feel great too"

Dr Missy Clifton - Premier Dermatology Director

"Shopping for supplements can be confusing and given that brands vary so much in quality I feel that Advanced Nutrition Programme ™ supplements have the edge, as they have been impeccably researched with scientific backing and proof of efficacy. I love the transparency of the brand and the fact they source their ingredients responsibly"

Olivia Falcon - Founder of the Editors List and Former Tatler Beauty Director

Not sure where to start on your skin supplement journey?


 Our Head of Nutrition at Pennyfeathers has developed a quick consultation to help you select skin supplements which will work best for you. Please feel free to reach out. 

Advanced Nutrition Programme products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.